Effective Methods of Carpal Tunnel Therapy

Carpal Tunnel therapy can be done in several methods. Compared to surgical procedures, Carpal Tunnel therapy is more often advised by orthopedic experts because they enable natural healing process of the body to take place resulting to no side effects whatsoever. What makes this method preferable for the patients is that it is less painful, if not pain-free.

Massages employing deep friction strokes can soothe out the stiff nerves and help reduce the swelling factor that gives the pain sensation. Hand bending and stretches also proved to be beneficial to the tendons and muscles in the injured hand.

Tendlite Light Therapy is another mode of treatment and it can work very well as a Carpal Tunnel therapy.

Other types of Carpal Tunnel therapy includes:

TenDlite® Device speeds up the carpal tunnel treatment up to 60% by increasing your body's natural healing response. TenDlite®’s Treatment acts in 2 ways at once:

a. Pain, inflammation and stiffness reduction. It physiologically boosts the local metabolic rate, which speeds up the healing process in the area of your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by aiding lymphatic drainage. TenDlite® regulates severe or chronic carpal tunnel swelling, easing swelling stimulating tissue healing, and decreasing edema and bruising.

b. Mending and regeneration of the tendon. TenDlite® helps the connective tissue of your tendon at the cellular level rebuild by encouraging the fibroblast cells to start the process of wound repair by producing new collagen -- important for wound repair, and also 86% of what tendons are made of. This is why fast collagen reproduction is vital to the health of the injured joint. It re-establishes flexibility, elasticity, and strength, and all you have to do is let TenDlite® activate your body's own healing process. Collagen reproduction can be sped up 60% by TenDlite®, a key element for your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome's total recovery.

  • Performing hand exercises and Carpal Tunnel ergonomics

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by repeated over stressing and over use of the hands resulting to damages to the median nerve located inside the carpal tunnel in the wrist. Steering away from some stressful activities involving the hand and wrist may help prevent the occurrence of injury, but it may also hinder individuals from performing important tasks that may affect their occupation, careers and way of life.

The best way to fix this dilemma is to have necessary breaks in between strenuous hand movements, provided that these rests are within reasonable durations and intervals. Breaks that are more frequent yet shorter in duration are said to be more effective in preventing hand injuries than infrequent and lengthy breaks. These breaks are not only good for the wrist and hands but also for the upper body as well, as these also prevent the development of back and shoulder aches.

Compressed nerves can be solved by spinal massages expertly done by chiropractors and professional osteopaths. This only proves that this form therapy is not only for advantageous for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but for any joint and muscle pain in the whole body.

  • Nutritional and dietary modifications and medication use

Eating healthy can greatly improve the body’s natural capability to heal itself from the wears and tears of everyday stressful activities. With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, inflammation and pain can be more easily healed by eating the right kinds of food and avoiding unhealthy diet. There are also variety of vitamins and minerals like amino acids and Vitamin B complex (B1, B6 and B12) available that function for nerve repair. Although vitamins and minerals have not been proved to have anti-inflammatory effects, certain cases suggest that taking some multivitamins help reduce inflammation. This Carpal Tunnel therapy raised some arguments that this only provides placebo effect and not realistic therapeutic effects because the benefits are very minimal if not insignificant.

  • Carpal Tunnel “Release” Procedure

It is always best that professional opinion is sought when trying to find the right Carpal Tunnel therapy. Proper diagnosis should be done before employing any kind of treatment method. If Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is detected, the doctors often resort to more conventional modes of treatment before suggesting surgery.

When all else fails, that is the time surgery is prescribed and performed. These are called Carpal Tunnel Open Release surgery and Carpal Tunnel Endoplasmic Release surgery.