Arthritis Treatment


  • New Anti-inflammatory & Analgesic light therapy for Arthritis
  • Stimulates your Arthritis's own healing process, shortening recovery time by 60%
  • FDA cleared device | Drug Free | Pain Free | No Side-effects
  • Technology used on Pro-Athletes by leading Doctors
  • Easy to use | Fast Healing at Home or On-the-Go
  • 30-Day FULL Money Back Guarantee | 1 Year Warranty
FDA Cleared Light Therapy Device
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TenDlite® Anti-Inflammatory & Analgesic Light Therapy

TenDlite® Anti-Inflammatory & Analgesc Light Therapy

TenDlite utilizes state of the art technology used on Pro Athletes by today’s leading Doctors, Physical Therapists and Trainers.

Now with TenDlite, you can Successfully treat your Injury at Home for a fraction of the cost.


Customer Reviews

  • Ordinarily i am very sceptical of "miracle cures", but when i sliced the top of my head open surfing in Fiji i had very few options. After deciding not to go and get stitches we patched the 5cm (2inch) cut up with butterfly clips applied plenty of disinfectant and hoped for the best. That night we met a couple who had the TenDlite and they recommended we use it. Borrowing their lite i applied it 3 times a day and i was able to be back in the water surfing less than 24hrs after the accident and a week later i was pretty much 100%. I have since bought a TenDlite and its an awesome piece of kit to take travelling with you, small and portable and extra peace of mind if you are going to put yourself in tricky situations.

  • Great healing in a small package! I use it on my rotator cuff tear, my dogs ligament tears, arthritis in my knee. This thing really works!

  • The product arrived promptly and I used it immediately on my twisted ankle. I felt already better after a few days but continue to use it. I am aware that it will take a little longer. I also think that the size is very handy for traveling. So far I can recommend this product.

  • I had two surgeries in Dec. one of which was a joint replacement in my thumb I am getting a lot of pain relief from the TendLite. I use it at least twice a day. You can use it more if neeeded and sometimes I do. I have told alot of my friends about the Tendlite.

    I am nervous to be without it very long as I have returned to work after being off for three months and I count on the TendLite to help me do my job.

    Great customer service!

    Cheri Mallory "Cheri"
  • I'll admit I picked up the Tendlite with a bit of skepticism. Although I've heard great things about light therapy in the past, I've always stuck to the meds. After a GLOWING review (pun intended) from my co-worker, I just had to try the Tendlite for my carpal tunnel. My pain killers were losing their effectiveness and the subsequent upset stomach was just not worth it. To my surprise, this product is a wonderful relief! I love it and highly recommend it to anyone going through this with me!

    MSharpe (Elizabeth, NJ)
  • My wife has arthritis, and finds that the Tendlite light therapy really does give her relief from the pain in her wrists, knee and other areas where she encounters arthritis pain. She is more than pleased with this unit.

    One caution, make sure to replace the battery when the unit loses brightness. They sent 3 spare AA batteries with the unit (which only requires 1). When they eventually run out, I think we will switch to rechargeable batteries.

    Very Satisfied user

    Pinny Dembitzer "Book Reader" (New York)
  • I purchased this unit in hope it would provide pain relief for my knees which were injured in a fall. After surgery on one knee, I continued to have sporadic pain in both knees. This light keeps me walking! The relief is often immediate, sometimes not for several hours, occasionally not at all.

    Yes, the relief is temporary but that is better than taking pain killers every day! My husband, a dentist who is on his feet all day, has chronic back pain. One day the pain was especially severe and I tried using Integralight on his low back. There was no immediate relief but the following morning when he left for his work, the relief was remarkable. This tiny light works...perhaps not for every condition but for many problems. It is definitely worth trying it.

  • When I was younger I remember going to Physical Therapy and getting a similar treatment, it was the only thing that helped my pain go away in the past and I am so happy I found this now. It works fast, it is easy to use and I don't have to go to physical therapy. :-) Highly recommend.

    light pen
  • Love love this device. I have suffered from carpel tunnel syndrome for years and I heard about this therapy device and I decided to give it a try. So glad I did. I can actually function now without the excruciating pain from carpel tunel.

    Thank you so much for develop such a powerful device!

    100% recommend!

    Best of luck to you guys!

    Angela & sal
  • I investigated the technology and found a lot of studies that did in every case find the red light 660 nm did work very well. The NASA research was there. With the light you can see the outlines of your fingers bones & the blood vessels. After two weeks my carpel tunnel is almost gone! Wow what a difference! It does work very well and I am satisfied that they will stand behind the product. I am also using it on a scar I got after skin cancer removal and you can see the improvement. 5 over 5!

  • I have been experiencing wrist pain flare up frequently and I was taking way to much Advil for the pain. My stomach starting getting torn up from all the pills so I was really interested in something other than pills to help me. I took a chance on the Tendlite and so far I'm impressed. I just got this, so it's too early to be conclusive (reason for the 3 stars). It's small enough to keep with me, so I can use it if I feel any pain coming on a after a long day on the keyboard.

  • I wish to tell you how wonderful I feel after a few treatments with the TenDlite, before I took the treatment I felt like I was walking on broken glass, and now I can walk almost normal. By the way I had an appointment with my doctor at UC Davis this morning, and she was very impressed with my improvement, and ask me what I have been doing. I told her about the TenDlite and I been treating myself with it since Morning afternoon. She did examine my TenDlite and ask for the web address. She said she will recommend TenDlite to all her patients that has plantar fasciitis.

    Gin F. Mar – Redding, CA
  • I was surprised at the effectiveness of the TenDlite; it has the power of some laser and LED machines costing several thousands. It’s very effective for arthritis and was helpful in relieving shin, ankle, and joint pain. For skin healing, I noticed faster healing for abrasions. I would recommend this product for home use.

    Timothy H. Miller M.D., Pain Management Group, Middle Tennessee
  • I’ve been having wrist pain flare up frequently and I was taking way to much Advil for the pain. My stomach starting getting torn up from all the pills so I was really interested in something other than pills to help me. I took a chance on the Tendlite and I’m really impressed. Within a few days I could feel improvement, but after about a month it’s really drastically reduced my pain and my wrist rarely flares up at all. It’s small enough to keep with me, so I can use it if I feel any pain coming on a fter a long day on the keyboard. For me, it was money well spent.

    K Michaels
  • It really helped to relief the pain in my knee and I am looking forward to play soccer and surf again!!

    Juliana Natt
  • I had incorrectly lifted a heavy box, and strained my back badly which I hadn’t done in 25 years. I was in bed for 3 days. Then I got the TenDlite and started using it for 1 minute twice a day in 3 spots where the lower back vertebrae got injured, and the pain went down alot. A week later I’m running again and feel almost completely better. At age 53, that was quicker getting better than when I had injured it in my 30′s.

    Mark Crouse
  • This device has very high output and performs amazingly well. I lease larger units that work, but the cost is prohibitively expensive. Most are about the size of a chair or larger. This type of medicine is definitely going to be very popular soon. I’ve used other “shower head style devices” in the past that may work to some degree, but this high power LED makes a night and day difference with very short treatment time and much better results, because of the high power to depth tissue penetration level.

    R L MIller M.D.
  • After doing a great deal of research on Photolight Therapy, I decided to try out TenDLite because it has more power output than other LED healing devices. I first used it on my knee, where I often experienced pain in my tendons from running due to a past injury. I was immediately able to feel the light’s energy and the pain disappeared after a few seconds. After using the light twice a day for about 30 seconds at a time for a week or so, I noticed I’m no longer getting the pain in my knee when I run. It feels stronger and back to normal. I also noticed that a wart on that knee died! I also put it on my elbow where I have arthritic pain from when I broke it and it also alleviated all my pain and my elbow doesn’t do the clicking thing anymore. I like this so much better than popping pills! I would definitely recommened this product to anyone who experiences tendonitis or other similar issues with pain.

    Margarita L.
  • There are very few options I had to address my carpel tunnel syndrome. Stopping excessive computer use is not one of them as my job depends on it. After unsuccessfully trying other approaches, I took a chance on Tendlite. I must say that this has made a difference! I’m feeling better and more productive. The FDA clearance made be feel a little more comfortable about trying it. It has really helped me.

    Jay Ross
  • I am so happy with this product, I have been suffering from tendinitis for years. I gave up volleyball but can not live without my computer. Tendlite is super effective, easy to use and it beats having to take a bunch pills. I have already ordered a few extra one as gifts. Thank you for making my life better with the touch of a light.

    Angela Lupion
  • The TenDlite worked great for me! My doctor wanted to give me cortisone steroid injections for my tendinitis. No thanks!! I decided to try the TenDlite and I’m so glad I did. It gave me great pain relief! I will continue to use it for the pain, and to get rid of this tendinitis for good.

    Daniela Nascimento



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TenDlite® is an Anti-Inflammatory & Analgesic Light Therapy Device. The deep penetration of the light, is essential to reach the injured cells and photo-activate the production of cellular energy, known as ATP.
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